Crawl Space Support Systems From BL Bennett Construction


Crawl Space Support Piers

Crawl spaces are part of the load-bearing structure of a home or office building. Because they are essential to the proper support of the structure, the crawl spaces need to be able to easily bear the weight of the load placed on top of it. However, inadequate structural design, unstable soils beneath crawl space support columns or wood rot or moisture attacking the floor joists can cause serious structural problems that need to be addressed. These problems may develop slowly over time or may surface shortly after construction is completed, depending on the nature of the problem. Replacing existing or installing additional piers is a time proven repair to stabilize and potentially lift failing floor joists or beams within crawl spaces.


Installing Piers In A Crawl Space

New Crawl Space Piers (which can be either masonry, concrete or steel) are installed on a solid concrete base (footing) placed on compacted fill engineered to support the required loads.  In many situations, with new piers, the floors and walls can be adjusted back to their original level position.