Foundation Repair With A Slab Pier System


A Long Term, Reliable Alternative to Foundation Slab Replacement

Changes to the soil conditions beneath the slab are the most common cause of slab settlement or sinking. Drought and the drying and shrinking of soils due to HVAC systems are frequent causes, along with soil movement due to the poor compaction of fill soils during the construction of the home.

Regardless of the cause, a sinking or settling slab foundation can result in significant damage to the structure and requires immediate attention.

Many homeowners believe that the best solution is to a slab foundation problem is the replacement of the slab with a new foundation. However, this is an expensive, time-consuming and untidy solution to the problem. In addition, without addressing the core issue of the foundation failure (most often changes to the soil conditions beneath the slab) it is very likely that the same problem will recur, requiring repeated replacements.

Solutions such as mudjacking may seem at first glance to make sense, but in the long run, they only end up adding significant weight to the existing area and don’t reach the deep, solid soil needed to support the slab properly.

The BL Bennett Construction slab pier system features high-grade steel pier underpinning sections that are pushed deep into the solid soil under the slab. The piers then transfer the weight of the slab away from the unstable fill soil or dehydrated clay soil to the more stable . The slab is then restored to the original level position. This solution is performed year round and does not require the use of disruptive heavy equipment. In most cases, the procedure is completed quickly, and does not require the removal of the current slab or any surrounding walls.

Our team has years of valuable experience in repairing failing slab foundations. If you suspect that your foundation may be compromised, call or email us today for a free home inspection and repair quote.