Commercial Helical Anchors (Tiebacks)

Helical anchors, sometimes known as tiebacks, are used to provide essential lateral stability to retaining and foundation walls in the case of unbalanced earth pressures. These systems are installed in a variety of ways, making them one of the most flexible choices for commercial foundation repair projects. Embedded with hand-held devices, mini-excavators, skid steers, trackhoes, backhoes or crane-supported rigs, these anchors can be installed even in areas of limited access. Each anchor can be loaded and tested immediately, so you’re sure the equipment is working properly at installation.


Benefits of Helical Anchor Systems:

  • Predictable load capacity
  • Helix blade configuration eases embedment and boosts capacity
  • Year-round installation in any weather
  • Installation in areas of limited access
  • No-spoils installation
  • Clean – no grout
  • Load tests performed at the time of installation
  • Optional hot-dip galvanizing for additional corrosion resistance