Crawl Space Support Systems – Jack Posts

Homeowners don’t often spend much time thinking about their crawl spaces. However, issues with crawl spaces can be the cause of significant damage to a home if not addressed promptly. Cracks in the drywall and sloping walls are telltale symptoms of crawl space problems. Weak foundation soils are the most common cause of settling columns in a crawl space. As these soils repeatedly shift and settle due to variations in moisture content and density, the columns and beams tend to move, causing sagging, sloping crawl spaces.

The improper spacing of existing pier columns causes sagging beams and floor joists and excess moisture and wood rot can slowly decrease the ability of beams and joists to adequately support the structure.


Jack Post Benefits:

  • Small and easy to install in tight spaces
  • Limited disruption to the home
  • No long curing time required
  • Instantaneous results and long term support
  • Carefully engineered footing transfers weight to solid soils
  • Galvanized materials resist corrosion
  • Supports vertical loads in excess of 60,000 lbs.
  • Restores the property value of your home

Crawl Space Solutions – Jack Posts

Jack posts are a supplemental support system can resolve many issues resulting from poor construction, design flaws, the natural aging and weakening of building materials or the high humidity and significant moisture levels which may cause rot. Jack posts can be used to level and reinforce the beams and floor joists in your crawlspace, providing necessary structural support. The system is forged from heavy-duty steel, allowing our team to lift the floors and walls to their original, level position.


Jack Post Installation:

Step 1: A hole is created and a footing base is prepared with fill. Step 2: A pre-cast footing is placed and leveled. Step 3: Galvanized steel piering is cut to the necessary length.
Step 4: Heavy-duty steel column and components are gathered and joined to the beam and floor joists. Step 5: Jack posts are tightened into place, shoring up the beams and potentially lifting the floors and walls back to their original position. Step 6: Jack posts can be installed along with a crawlspace liner, if desired.

No matter which symptoms you detect, BL Bennett Construction can resolve your foundation problems. We’ve provided thousands of customers with consultations and repairs to sagging foundations, bowing or tilting foundation walls, slab settling and wall cracks of all types and sizes, among other failing foundation issues. Contact us by phone or email today – we can resolve your foundation problems for less money and in a shorter time than you might expect!