Basement Wall Repair

We see structures that require basement wall repair more often than you would think! Our experts have the knowledge and the skills to correctly diagnose your problem. We take pride in our efficient, hassle-free installations, our high-quality products and our guaranteed basement wall repair solutions.

If you’ve noticed cracked, bowed or leaning foundation walls, your home may require basement wall repair. It is important that your basement walls are stabilized and the problem is prevented from becoming worse.

The team at BL Bennett Construction has successfully eliminated hundreds of problems stemming from compromised basement walls. We help architects, home inspectors, engineers and building departments as well as homeowners who are seeking solutions to a failing basement or retaining wall.


Free Basement Wall Evaluation and Repair Quotes!

When you call BL Bennett Construction, we complete a thorough evaluation of your unique situation and provide you with a written estimate for suggested repairs. Everything is in writing and we always honor our quotes! Rest assured that you’re choosing the right company for the job…contact us by phone or e-mail today!


The Secrets to Successful Basement and Foundation Wall Repair

Basement wall repair might sound intimidating, but rest assured – your BL Bennett Construction representative will thoroughly explain every possible solution to you, so that together you can choose the solution that will work best for you!

The most common methods used to repair basement walls include I-beams or wall reinforcement beams, carbon fiber straps, wall anchors and helical anchors. Any of these strategies can effectively repair basement walls, depending on the individual home’s special needs. Determining these needs is where a highly trained foundation repair professional comes in. Our team at BL Bennett Construction is certain to recommend the perfect solution for your structure, ensuring that the full resale value is restored to your home.


Detecting Bowing Basement Walls – Symptom Checker

Depending on the type of structure, the tell-tale signs of bowing basement walls can be very different.

For block foundations, watch for horizontal cracks in mortar joints, outside corners with stair-step cracks, and/or horizontal shearing at the bottom of the wall. Tipping at the top of the wall may also be apparent. In the most advanced cases, more than one or all of these symptoms may be noticeable.  It is even possible for basement walls to bulge visibly, with cracks throughout the surface of the wall. By this point, the wall may be presenting a danger to the occupants of the building, as it could be on the verge of collapse!

When dealing with a poured foundation, the most common symptoms include tipping walls, diagonal cracks appearing on the outside corners and/or vertical or horizontal cracks in the wall.


Trusted Solutions For Failing Basement Walls

Whatever the problem with your foundation, BL Bennett Construction always provides a FREE foundation wall inspection. Trust us to recommend the correct solution to fix your foundation problem permanently! Contact us today to speak with one of our certified foundation repair experts – now is the time to address potentially dangerous foundation and basement wall problems!