The Remedy for Slab Foundation Settlement


Reliable, Guaranteed Solutions To Sinking or Settling Foundation Slabs

Like many other foundation issues, concrete slab foundation settlement is usually the result of changing moisture content in the soil below the slab. As an example, during extended drought-like conditions the soil below a concrete slab may lose moisture, causing it to dry and shrink in size. Poorly compacted fill soils can also shift below a slab, causing floor cracks, uneven surfaces and other disruptions throughout a home or building.

Lack of soil volume or condensed fill soils create a void, or unused space, under the slab. When the slab isn’t sturdy enough to span the void, it can fracture, break and eventually settle to fill the void. If you notice cracked, sinking or settling foundation slabs, don’t wait for the situation to deteriorate further! The experts at BL Bennett Construction can supply the answers to your slab foundation problems…contact us today!


The Benefits of Slab Piers:

  • Year-round installation
  • Deep piers reach stable soils, providing necessary support to your foundation
  • Non-invasive – repairs are done within a small area and are easily concealed
  • Can restore slabs and partition walls back to a safe, level position
  • Provides a solution that will last for decades
  • Restores the property value of your home

Our slab pier systems will stabilize compromised concrete floor slabs, providing an opportunity to re-set the previous stable position of the floor and lift the non-load bearing partition walls that often settle in conjunction with the slab.

Heavy-duty steel pier sections are hydraulically driven through a tough, durable slab bracket until they reach stable, load-bearing soils. The piers now absorb the weight of your concrete slab floor, transferring it from the upper layers of unstable soil to the sturdy soil below.


Installing Slab Piers:

Step 1: A small hole is bored through the concrete floor. Step 2: The slab bracket is aligned below the settling concrete slab. Step 3: Heavy-duty steel tubes are pushed through the bracket to solid, sturdy soil.
Step 4: The piers transfer the weight of the slab to stable, load-bearing soil. If possible, the slab is restored to the original level position. Step 5: Grout is pumped under the slab, filling the void created by the settlement of the slab, preventing recurring settlement. Step 6: The bored hole is sealed by fresh concrete.

No matter which symptoms you detect, BL Bennett Construction can resolve your foundation problems. We’ve provided thousands of customers with consultations and repairs to sagging foundations, bowing or tilting foundation walls, slab settling and wall cracks of all types and sizes, among other failing foundation issues. Contact us by phone or email today – we can resolve your foundation problems for less money and in a shorter time than you might expect!