If You Are Selling Your Home…This is the most important fact you need to know!

If you are putting your home on the market, you need to make sure your foundation is intact. All foundation problems must be disclosed to potential buyers when selling a home, and existing faults and fractures can reduce the market value of your home by 10-20%.

To preserve the value of their home, most homeowners will fix any issues with the foundation before putting the house on the market.

Most foundation problems are caused by changes in the percent of moisture in the soil around your home. During long periods of drier weather, the soil around and under your house will shrink, causing the building to shift downward.

When this repositioning occurs, you may begin to notice cracks appearing in the foundation of your home. These cracks indicate significant foundation settlement. On the other hand, during extremely wet periods, the soil can become overly moist, softening or collapsing under your home. This can also cause your home to sink and settle, leaving your foundation with cracks.

Wet soil conditions can also cause another significant foundation problem – bowing walls. A home with a basement or crawlspace my show foundation cracks in the walls, caused when hydrostatic pressure pushes on the walls after heavy rain. This hydrostatic pressure puts resistance on your foundation wall, where it causes the wall to shift inward. If the integrity of your basement walls is compromised, foundation cracks will begin to appear as the wall starts to buckle, bow, tilt along the top, or slide inward along the bottom.

If you’ve seen foundation cracks or any other indications of common foundation problems such as drywall cracks, doors and windows that will not open or close properly, uneven floors or exterior foundation cracks, you are most likely experiencing a foundation problem caused by changing soil conditions around or under your home.

Don’t panic when you find evidence of these symptoms…we can help! Contact us by phone, online or via email to schedule a complimentary inspection and estimate on expert foundation repair from BL Bennett Construction.


Why Rebuild When You Can Repair?

If a foundation is severely damaged, many homeowners assume that the only way to repair it is by removing the old foundation and replacing it with a new one. However, in many instances, this isn’t the case! At BL Bennett Construction, we can repair even the most damaged foundations with a guaranteed solution.


Trust BL Bennett Construction

For every reason that a foundation problem exists, the team at BL Bennett Construction will find the perfect options for resolving it. Our foundation experts can provide you with a free inspection and estimate.

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